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This is an all-purpose soil. It can be worked by hand, and suits most situations where soil is needed.

  • Shredded topsoil.
  • Garden mix or mixes.
  • Composition: 80% topsoil, 20% coarse sand.
  • Shredded, pulverized and screened through a 3/4 inch screen.
  • We are able to sling shredded topsoil in hard to reach places.

Where to use it:

  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Putting in new lawns, or patching
  • Finish grading
  • Filling
  • backfilling retaining walls (no more than 12" deep)
  • Creating raised mounds

We delivered in 1 yard to 15 yard loads. Call for a quote

Landscaper's blend:

  • Composition: 70% soil, 15% compost, 15% sand.
  • Coarser than topsoil
  • Screened through a 3/4 inch screen.

Where to use it:

  • Finish grading
Topsoil Topsoil
Topsoil Topsoil

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